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Thank you for your interest in exploring higher education in the United States - it's a great place to study and learn! Whatever your academic interest, whether you want a large, small or medium-size school, you'll find virtually unlimited options in the United States. Also, you will want to make sure you have the correct visa for your studies.

Academic opportunity is only one reason to consider studying in the United States. In the US, students enjoy the freedoms of intellectual inquiry, political debate and open religious and artistic expression. Attending school in the U.S. also fosters friendship and understanding among students of different countries and cultures.

Please consult an Academic Adviser at EducationUSA for information on the particular type of study you are interested in. There are thousands of different programs in the U.S., from short summer English study programs to basketball and computer camps to high school programs to university degree programs to post-graduate studies. In addition, there are technical schools, short-term academic courses, business training, and research opportunities. You need to decide precisely what kind of program you are interested in, where you want to study, and how much you want to spend. You might then research the reputation of various programs, the organization’s experience with and interest in foreign students, and try to contact other people who have participated in the program.